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Years of successful experience in smart waste management

Y.A. Maof

For over 20 years, Y.A. Maof Holdings & Management LTD, founded by Mr. Ygdal Ach, has been providing advanced high-quality environmental services, specializing in the management, recycling and supervision of advanced waste treatment techniques, as well as the rehabilitation of landscapes, hazardous lands, contaminated soils and old quarries. Y.A. Maof has been leading the landfilling and advanced waste-treatment-field in Israel for the past 22 years. It has the experience of treating over 700,000 tons of waste-per year, which in terms of knowhow and expertise, makes it the biggest in its field.

The company and its team promote:

Innovative solutions for the treatment and recycling of different types of waste, while promoting standardization for the use of recycled materials, as well as their integration into national infrastructure projects.
The development of innovative technologies to treat municipal solid waste, dry, industrial, construction and demolition waste.
Ecology and environment-based education aimed at raising public awareness towards the environmental damage caused by the improper treatment of waste.

Mr. Ygdal Ach

Y.A. Maof CEO & Founder
Head of EnergYAlgae Project
To achieve these aims, Y.A. Maof collaborates with a wide range of stakeholders including municipal and governmental authorities, private companies and NGOS. Its unique position makes it a major player in the Israeli environmental ecosystem where the elements of waste treatment, innovative technologies and environmental protection meet. Based on its extensive experience in environmental entrepreneurship, Y.A. Maof is continuously initiating and taking part in a variety of nationwide projects and regulatory processes. The company has been key in influencing statutory and policy-making processes that promote environmental standardization and the removal of bureaucratic and economic barriers. Among others, Y.A. Maof spearheaded the 16th amendment to Israel’s Planning and Construction Law thereby leading to the creation of certified landfilling waste sites and the closure of hundreds of illegal facilities. This was accompanied with the preparation of a roadmap containing specific incentives encouraging industrialists and business owners to meet certain prerequisites such as the separation of waste at the source prior to processing.

Team Members

To meet our unique challenge and ensure that each of the components of the project is well planned and managed, we have created a unique team of leaders in their respective fields, with well-rounded contemporary skills, senior-level experience, and complementary specializations.
Mr. Augusto Casasnovas Rodriguez

Eng. Augusto Casanovas

Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Director

Dr. Shmuel Brenner

Scientific Project Manager & Waste Management Expert
Former Senior Deputy Director of Israel's Ministry of Environmental Protection
Dr. Ellik Adler

Dr. Ellik Adler

Marine and Coastal Environmental Expert

Eng. Jonathan Haran

Renewable Energy Integration Expert

Avraham Israeli MSc

Agriculture and Environmental Expert
Water Treatment Specialist
Mauricio Dimant

Dr. Mauricio Dimant

Director of Diplomatic Relations with Latin America and the Caribbean

Gili Brenner, MA

Business Strategy and Public Relations Executive
Mor Eliyahu

Mor Eliyahu

Community Relations Environmental Education