Transforming an environmental crisis into green energy solutions

The Algae Problem

The Sargassum algae is a polluting seaweed originating from the Sargasso Sea in the South-Western part of the North Atlantic. Sargassum rafts have been observed for hundreds of years in the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Basin. Since 2011, however, presumably due to climate change and the warming of sea surface, massive blooms of Sargassum have been observed around the Wider Caribbean Region, including locations where they were so far absent or extremely rare. Nowadays the phenomenon is both substantial and widespread, severely affecting the entire Caribbean Basin, including Florida and the Gulf of Mexico, and reaching as far as the shores of West Africa. The unprecedented influx of algae in recent years has had devastating effects on the environment, inflicting damage on the ecological balance, the local economy and public health, and leading a number of governments to declare a state of emergency over the crisis.

Strategic partnerships are being formed with government bodies

Strategic partnerships are being formed with government bodies, research entities and universities as well commercial entities that shall help with collecting the algae from the seas and beaches and bringing them to the treatment plants.


Our pilot project is currently under construction

Our pilot project is currently under construction in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic in cooperation with UNAPEC and the Groupo Punta Cana.

Who We Are

At EnergYAlgae we specialize in transforming waste into available energy sources. We have made it our goal to identify natural and human waste nuisances around the world, and turn them into sustainable usable resources, with the integration of innovative technologies. EnergYAlgae is engaged in a variety of projects with the aid of a team of experts who hold years of experience in waste treatment and management and green technologies. We specialize in complex integrations requiring multidisciplinary efforts covering logistic, scientific, regulatory and financial aspects while considering local needs and limitations and drawing on local strengths for a successful and professional realization of our projects.

The Nexus Approach

EnergYAlgae has adopted an integrated nexus approach of Water – Waste – Energy to ensure complementarities and synergies between the three sectors. It is well-established that wastewater and organic waste – as well as the combination of the two – can be used to generate energy. We operate in light of the recognition that a strong interdependence exists between wastewater treatment, organic waste processing, and energy generation. Above all, rather than viewing each component separately, we address all system components jointly, using a perspective which seeks to achieve maximum efficiency in the production of useful materials and energy. Keeping an ear to the ground and an eye to the future, we continuously strive to perfect and optimize our performance and the quality of our services.